They woke up, yawning and tumbling gently out of their beds.

Both had to be coaxed by their parents.
An open marble floor and fields were what their eyes saw…
A crisp uniform and old brown shoes.
One walked into a waiting car that honked ever so lightly – hurry up, we’ll be late.
Waving wildly with a smile, the other started on foot.
The moving scenes were peered at with great interest …the big eyes missed nothing.
The little feet tried their best to keep moving, over rocks, some fields and even stopped to wash the face that grew dusty.

The car stopped outside right at the school gate and the pattering feet ran towards familiar faces.
The tired feet stopped and rested against a tree, wiping the face and looking up at the sky and the scene in front – just two more fields, a village…
Two bright faces sat perched upright at their desks.
One, in a developed nation – a seven-minute ride away.
The other had to walk 2.5 hours.
Both seven, both children with bright futures ahead…
Sitting perched in their classrooms, they both smiled and listened with rapt interest at their teachers.
That moment, they were both equally abundant.



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