Somewhere I have never travelled gladly beyond

I’ve voyaged far and wide. Engaged with one-eyed pirates, been a swashbuckling hero to a damsel in distress, ventured down the streets of an era long over, and entered the mind of a criminal.

I’ve loved books. They have been my entry into fantastical worlds. Worlds that have scared me, people who felt strange, read words that I’ve never been aware of.

Become best friends with your subconscious side

Our subconscious mind is living with us every day. Every moment. How do we change the dialogue and program our subconscious towards happiness and success? How do we take care of our subconscious mind? How do we utilize the power of the subconscious mind?

The wall

I was on a car ride a few months ago. Actually, I was driving. We were a group of ladies going to visit a Vithal Mandir in the gaushala behind our building. We can see the temple from our balcony, its just separated by a wall. Late evening, the heat was still sticking to the…

Chew on this: Little nuggets that changed my relationship with food

Diary of someone who has a sometimes-love-sometimes-hate relationship with food. Firstly, all is good with my world. No problem. Yes, I am passionately in love. Yet my love is equally ambivalent. If you don’t know the meaning of the ‘a’ word, I would suggest you look it up. It’s important. Every time I see my…

A little girl in a red slip

The mundane yet beautiful frangipani tree outside my window does look pretty. Usually filled with leaves, bunches of white flowers peering in between the green, the slender brown bark reaching for the sun…and a sturdy branch holding onto a swing. It’s a simple rickety, make-shift swing that can just about hold a little child’s weight…