All about moi

The author believes that everybody has a right to a theory on life. And has taken it upon herself to enlighten the world with her theories. They revolve on two aspects: why and how. Why did we arrive where we are? And how did we? She like to explore the complete ridiculousness of the situation, through the lens of compassion.

Views expressed are her own and not stolen from any individual, institute, statue or mascot.

Other than that, Her Excellancy Resha Patel believes life is to be lived each day…with love and fullness. And the journey starts today, and everyday. 

This blog has a mix of some short stories that I’ve done, poems, opinion pieces and some writing that I find inspiring. I’ve attributed the writing to the authors with special thanks. Lots of love and thanks to the thousands of people who upload their work on the internet and spread inspiration. Most of the images have been taken from online sources. May your talent and tribe grow!




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  1. Liked your about Moi section 🙂


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