I write because…

There is hope in this world
And we must express it.
Because the sun shines and
We, too, must reflect its glory.

Every generation needs to have storytellers,
The world needs to keep moving, you see.
And time is cyclical,
Events that happened in the past,
Will take on a fee form and will happen once again.

To attempt to express the inexpressible,
To realize that the attempts are all but futile,
And that we must prod on anyway,
And do our best.

To keep working at discovering one’s own purpose,
Through a maze of words
That remove one’s construct as well as freedom.

To express pain, love and laughter
That echo in the heart of another,
Finding an expression that is common to all,
Does it matter which position, background, you come from? Or where you’re going and where you’re from?

To discover boldness,
The nerve to bare it all,
Even while holding one’s breath,
And expressing even when you’re unsure.

To grow, understand and deepen our relationship with our own self,
And letting go of the mental frames that limit the picture we’re seeing.

Realizing that life is a wonder, a process, a stage and a river,
A stage to claim the spot in the sun
And a river – to flow with – knowing that we’ve lived and learnt to let go.

I write because I’m arrogant enough to think I can,
Ambitious enough to think I can do it well,
And hopeful that perhaps it will make a difference.

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    1. Thank, Claudia. I hope you always shine in your glory.

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  1. Chroniclers says:

    This is amazing!


    1. Thank you. More power to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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