They woke up, yawning and tumbling gently out of their beds. Both had to be coaxed by their parents. An open marble floor and fields were what their eyes saw… A crisp uniform and old brown shoes. One walked into a waiting car that honked ever so lightly – hurry up, we’ll be late. Waving…

The Prayer

A chance drive past a beautiful field…one fine day. The memory lingers…even while it gets washed with time.

Scenes from life

  Some stand tall, Others wait in the shadows. Everything changes, As time can swiftly show, The colors are right in front of you. It’s doesn’t really matter – stand tall, sit small, Tomorrow the colors will change for you too. (picture courtesy: Darshana Mathur)

Ode to Marine Drive

Recently, my friend shared a beautiful piece on the ocean by Wilferd A. Peterson, an American author. It brought back so many memories of Marine Drive and the gorgeous Arabian sea.

My Master & Me

In this journey towards the Self,
All that remains is my master and me.

A Maori Prayer

One of my favourites: “You were you will be! Know this while you are:
Your spirit has traveled both long and afar.”