Diary of a heroic ‘unplugged’ parent

Dear diary, Let me start at the beginning. It all began with the Big Fight, a face-off between my 10-year-old and me. He insisted he was ready to be an adult, and I was certainly not prepared for it. The irritation at his behavior moved to angst and then, paranoia. When temperatures didn’t cool off…

Staying healthy once you touch the magical 60

Aging is not necessarily becoming older and biologically retired. It is merely a journey of becoming “chronologically superior.” Becoming a senior citizen, crossing the golden threshold of 60 years is no longer what it used to be. Sixty does not necessarily mean retirement, sitting in a rocking chair and watching the sunset. Socially and culturally, communities around the world are defining the meaning of aging. 60 is no longer 60 years. It’s the new 40.