My Master & Me

Had penned some lines a few years ago while sitting in the beautiful amphitheatre of The Art of Living center in Bengaluru. Grateful for that serene experience and so many moments – a gift from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Grateful for the beautiful path that Gurudev has created on this journey called life. Today is Gurudev’s birthday and for so many of us, its an absolute celebration. A celebration that has flavors of gratitude, silence, wonderment, reflection and happiness. #HappyBdayGurudev!  
Govind Krishna*  is on now…
Amphitheatre full
And My heart empty and full at once
Me and my guru
There’s only us in this crowd of millions.

And the twinkling lights of Vishalakshi Mantap
And the shadows in the amphitheatre reflect
The light and hollowness within me;
Every – good/ bad,
Mind play washes away in the sweet sounds of satsang
And all that remains is my Master and me.

Even as the consciousness of so many thousands
Join together in sweet devotion for the master;
My own gets renewed and stronger
Amidst music strains, songs,
Sounds – inner and outer;
Play of the five senses and the One that controls all these five;
Forgetting and remembering, retaining yet letting go,
All that remains is my Master and me.

Forging a bond that is ancient yet new
Moving beyond time, energy, and worlds
Discovering and forming,
Creating yet remaining the same,
Uncovering yet adding more dimensions,
In this journey towards the Self,
All that remains is my Master and me.

March 12, 2012, Bengaluru

Govind Krishna* – Is a much-loved bhajan sung in Art of Living satsangs

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