May the Harley always vroom by your side

(This poem is dedicated to the extremely fortunate hubby. A few years ago, I realized that his eyes sparkled brightly at the very mention of a Harley Davidson. And when he got his very first bike home – a dream fulfilled after many years of dreaming – it was a party! A new zest for life was born.

I resigned himself to the fact that there would always be one more heart throb in his life. And soon the Harley became my absolute love as well. On the hubby’s birthday, a short ode to the biker and his Harley. Happy Birthday Janak! And thank you for getting this fabulous caricature done many moons ago!)  

To the one with sparkling eyes – green-grey like that of the ocean;
The one whose heartbeat races faster with every sound of a little Ms. Harley Davidson,
Whose passion for life exceeds all the others;
And for whom, time is incidental.

May the spirit of life always spin you around,
And the winds carry you to great heights;
May the earth embrace every step you take,
And may the Harley always be vrooming by your side. 

May you flow through time & tide,
With the ease of a cloud passing through,
A mountain that remains rock steady
And may the Harley always be vrooming by your side. 

Through all the quaint mixes of food and music
Of so many seasons to be watched & observed
Of the words that will create music
And may the Harley always be vrooming by your side. 

Through seasons that will come,
The hairs that will grey,
The paths that we will forge,
The madness that will continue
And the time that will leave happy wrinkles along the way,
Remember the Harley will always be vrooming by your side.


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