Give yourself a life performance review

Many corporates do an annual or half-yearly review to understand their employees, examine performance, and align themselves for the rest of the year. While the methods and nuances of such corporate reviews could be up for debate, there is no harm in simply examining ourselves in our personal space.

And like the wise said: life is not what happens to you, but for you. And only you can make it happen.

Diary of a heroic ‘unplugged’ parent

Dear diary, Let me start at the beginning. It all began with the Big Fight, a face-off between my 10-year-old and me. He insisted he was ready to be an adult, and I was certainly not prepared for it. The irritation at his behavior moved to angst and then, paranoia. When temperatures didn’t cool off…

Hot pop corn & new ideas

I have to make an honest confession – it’s been years. Absolute years since I have eaten a 20-rupee pop corn in a theatre, powered by fans. And I must say I truly enjoyed it. There we were, a motley group of 17 people, tucked in the last two rows of the balcony diamond section….

The bench…

The same bench, the same feeling. I have sat here as a little boy watching the elders sing with devotion, while watching the clock: And wondering when it would be over and I could run to play with my friends. I have sat there, praying to score just enough to get into medicine school. I…

The Prayer

A chance drive past a beautiful field…one fine day. The memory lingers…even while it gets washed with time.

Scenes from life

  Some stand tall, Others wait in the shadows. Everything changes, As time can swiftly show, The colors are right in front of you. It’s doesn’t really matter – stand tall, sit small, Tomorrow the colors will change for you too. (picture courtesy: Darshana Mathur)

Two trees, time and tide

Praying quietly, we hoped. It was a little uncomfortable in the dark. And it was so moist. But we needed to be in that space – and so allowed it. I couldn’t see my friend – though I tried hard to squint through the darkness.

I Hope You Dance

Some words can really light you up and keep resonating long after the music is gone. My sister, Darshana, shared the lyrics of a fabulous song – I Hope You Dance.

The 7 sisters policy…

Somehow the story stayed with me and years later, I ended up informally implementing a seven-sister policy at office where …

Sweet Revenge

And as I looked over my shoulder – hoping it didn’t attract any attention – I saw the familiar sight that my heart longed to see everyday.

‘What are my grey hairs for?’

Sometimes as I stare into the heart of the lamp, I remember old times – a memory pops up out of nowhere. And just as the burnt ciders of a match stick fall at the end of its life – the shadow of the memory leaves me.