‘I was here, I lived, I loved…’

I want to leave my footprints on the sand of time, Know there was something that, something that I left behind, When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets, Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget, I was here, I lived, I loved, I was here. The lyrics of Beyonce song, ‘I was…

Letter to my younger self: Don’t eat your will power. Pump it up.

To the one-who-resembles-a-puppy-staring-at-a-treat, Time can play many tricks, and here I am. You might not recognize me, but I am your reflection. Just an older one. Look at my greys, and wrinkles, and all. I still look beautiful, just 25 years older. I see you going about your work, your day with the energy that…

How I survived the Everest climb

Should we turn back or inch our way towards camp 4, the proverbial death valley and attempt the Everest summit? It had been a long journey for me. A 26-year-old civil engineer from Jomlo Mongku in Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh to scaling Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world.

Give yourself a life performance review

Many corporates do an annual or half-yearly review to understand their employees, examine performance, and align themselves for the rest of the year. While the methods and nuances of such corporate reviews could be up for debate, there is no harm in simply examining ourselves in our personal space.

And like the wise said: life is not what happens to you, but for you. And only you can make it happen.

Today, forget stress management: just craft your happily ever after

You’re stuck in traffic and getting late for a meeting. Crossed a deadline twice over with trying to multitask. Messed up a meal and have guests over. The list is endless. It’s almost like this thing called stress is wanting to surprise us when we least expect it. It’s known as the silent killer. But,…

Diary of a heroic ‘unplugged’ parent

Dear diary, Let me start at the beginning. It all began with the Big Fight, a face-off between my 10-year-old and me. He insisted he was ready to be an adult, and I was certainly not prepared for it. The irritation at his behavior moved to angst and then, paranoia. When temperatures didn’t cool off…

Staying healthy once you touch the magical 60

Aging is not necessarily becoming older and biologically retired. It is merely a journey of becoming “chronologically superior.” Becoming a senior citizen, crossing the golden threshold of 60 years is no longer what it used to be. Sixty does not necessarily mean retirement, sitting in a rocking chair and watching the sunset. Socially and culturally, communities around the world are defining the meaning of aging. 60 is no longer 60 years. It’s the new 40.

Finally, I’m learning to win the race against time

Diary entries of a young lady’s experiments with work-life balance Day 1: I was tossing madly in the air. What happened? One minute I was on a see-saw, and the next minute, I left the see-saw handles far behind. I was desperately flapping my arms and legs, hoping that a nocturnal bird would happen to…

A yogi in a Michelin-starred restaurant

An ancient Indian way of eating is becoming a buzzword There we were, sitting in a fabulous Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant. One of my favorite. A reunion with friends, this evening promised to be memorable. Except when one of my friends, removed his footwear and sat cross-legged on a chair. He was nonchalant, talking all along,…

#KidsSpeak: How to overcome laziness

It’s always important to turn to ‘experts’ when you want advice on important aspects of life. Laziness is one such aspect of life which requires an expert advice. We all have experienced the phenomenon of laziness, sometimes closely battled with it and for most of us, it is a very dear subject. The United States…

Somewhere I have never travelled gladly beyond

I’ve voyaged far and wide. Engaged with one-eyed pirates, been a swashbuckling hero to a damsel in distress, ventured down the streets of an era long over, and entered the mind of a criminal.

I’ve loved books. They have been my entry into fantastical worlds. Worlds that have scared me, people who felt strange, read words that I’ve never been aware of.

Become best friends with your subconscious side

Our subconscious mind is living with us every day. Every moment. How do we change the dialogue and program our subconscious towards happiness and success? How do we take care of our subconscious mind? How do we utilize the power of the subconscious mind?