#KidsSpeak: How to overcome laziness

It’s always important to turn to ‘experts’ when you want advice on important aspects of life. Laziness is one such aspect of life which requires an expert advice. We all have experienced the phenomenon of laziness, sometimes closely battled with it and for most of us, it is a very dear subject. The United States of America even has a national day to it, National Lazy Day. So, we decided to put together a unique team of ‘experts’, aged between four and eight years, to guide us in how to overcome laziness.

Meet our little experts – Khusboo (8), Keya (5), Kyra (5), Manya (9), Ananya (4), Kavyashree (7) – who are the ‘wise ones’ with clear thinking, kind speech, and honest hearts.

What are their qualifications? This group is a potential dynamite with future CEOs, entrepreneurs, geniuses, dreamers. They also represent a uniqueness of spirit, an unabashed view of life and an instinctive take on life’s wisdom.
So we asked this expert panel, what laziness meant to them?

  • Khusboo wisely says: If I have my pencil box in the bag, but I don’t get up from my chair and ask someone else to get it – is being lazy.
  • 5-year-old Keya: They told us in school, but I forgot (with a wide-toothed grin).
  • 5-year-old Kyra: Laziness is being tired and when you don’t want to do things.
  • 4-year-old Ananya: I don’t know. (while going back to her busy work of play).

So, what is being lazy? And how do we get rid of laziness?

“I’ve heard that hard work never killed anyone, but I say why take the chance?”
― Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States of America

We all know that feeling of not wanting to do anything or postponing a few somethings. It could be after a particularly busy period, deadlines, or stress. It’s alright for all of us to want those ‘relaxed’ moments. But what happens when those moments get extended, again and again?

When you just don’t want to do anything? Or are postponing a whole lot of activities that you know you should be doing? What happens then?

Tips to overcome laziness:

Here are a few things to do to stop being lazy:

1. Call the doctor:
It might sound exaggerated but seriously. Feeling lazy or unenthusiastic all the time could be related to low levels of Vitamin B and D. It’s best to make sure your body is ready to support your flight to freedom from laziness.

Feeling lethargic is also a symptom of some larger disorders that affect the mind and body. Our council of ‘experts’ insists that we don’t overwhelm or scare you away (you might never come back!). However, suffice to say, we don’t want to be diagnosed with brain fog or a leaky gut to realize that laziness was never ours, to begin with. Simply get rid of laziness.

2. Remove that crown:
Yes, we insist. Our experts say that they will give you a colorful paper crown on your next birthday. On this path towards salvation from laziness, shun that crown, remove that label and discard that belief. Which one, you ask bewildered? The one that’s already on your mind – being lazy. Stop yourself every time you call yourself lazy.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says: it is important to remove the label of being lazy. If you don’t, you will continue to behave accordingly. And when you finally do, you will see the sneak peek of a possibility. A possibility of change, a chance of undoing older patterns and seeking new ones.

3. Go to the spa:
How will a spa help to overcome laziness? According to Ayurveda, an increased sense of lethargy is connected with an increase in Kapha in the body. One of the three doshas in every human body, Kapha is a combination of the earth and water element. Ayurvedic massages and treatments can help balance the elements and reduce the kapha element. Yoga, exercise, breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation all help with the same. Create that spa space for yourself at home. Carve out that exercise time every day. It is much cooler to say, “I’m at the spa” than saying “I’m practicing bellow’s breath.”

4. Start small:
Take a simple commitment and stick to it. You could decide to walk just 20 minutes today and increase it to 22 minutes tomorrow. Whatever be the commitment you wish to take, take it. And stick to it. You could opt to find a buddy who will goad you till you finish the task. Or even choose someone who you want to have a friendly competition with. This will increase your confidence levels, give you a sense of achievement and get you ready for the next round of tasks.

5. What’s on your plate?
Are you getting too much of processed food? Perhaps the sugar intake is hitting the roof. A lot of food ingredients have chemicals, preservatives that could slip into your food innocently and turn you from a dynamic hero to a barely-keep-my-eyes-open one. It is wise to check on your food, ensure you have fresh food, plenty of nutrients and keeping your gut happy. Also, ensure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. You could be walking around in a mild state of dehydration, without realizing it. Dehydration can cause fatigue and lethargy.

You will be surprised to find the change in energy levels just by attending to food and water. Overcoming laziness is difficult? Not anymore.

6. Remember the mantra:
LFG (love, fear, greed). That simple. Just remember your motivation for doing something. Is it love? You promise someone you love that you will finish something in a time frame? Or does fear motivate you? If I don’t finish this on time, I can’t attend so-and-so event. Or perhaps greed? I’ll be rewarded if I complete this. Find your inspiration and go after it.

Our ‘expert panel’ has advice on what to do when one feels lazy. We wanted to save the best for last.
Kyra: I drink water, and I rest for a minute. Then I’m not lazy anymore.
Kavyaa: Read storybooks.
Khusboo : Wash my face.
Ananya : Paint.
Manya : Sleep early at night, get up early. Wash my face twice or thrice in a day.

As you can see, they have shared clever ways to increase the energy levels, distract the mind and do something fun. You’re not bored when you are engaged in a hobby or following your passion. And when you’re busy doing something you love, there’s no time to be lazy.

Perhaps little Kavyashree’s method will finally work: I stop being lazy when mommy pats my bumbum!

Views expressed by the panelists are their very own and reflect an instinctive take on life’s wisdom. These views are not influenced by mother, father, nanny, puppy or the next door neighbor’s.

Some points have been taken from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom sheets. Based on inputs by Dr. Prema Seshadri, Art of Living Faculty Member

Written for The Art of Living website



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