One last chance

Can’t wait to reach home;
Why are the vegetables so dear?
I need more sales today – should I display the goods differently?
No, don’t go to the other guy;

Why doesn’t he look at me?
Here, we go again … Another fight!

A wistful eye following an exchange of money;
A pursued pair of lips, swallowing disappointment;
A strain line across a harried face – so many things to do;
A lingering touch over some wares – will get these for my children next month, I promise.

Creating worlds around us – do we even break out of our reveries?
Life is passing by;
We missed that tree there;
The first burst of gentle pink – almost looking like cherry blossoms;

Did we give that child at the signal an encouraging smile?
You could have made a memory of a lifetime for him.
Perhaps thank the gentle vendor with our eyes, not just the lips;
He might not be standing there the next time.
Notice the burst of the last rays as the sun slips between the myriad snakes of the busy cityline?
Its already gone, few seconds too late.

Like wisps of smoke, our thoughts and desires engulf us
As you struggle to breath through your smoke, life energy has already ebbed away.
Life has slipped, time has disappeared
Moment after moment – until our living has become a confused mesh of concentric smoke rings,
Sucking us in like quick sand

Wake up,
That child, vendor, tree await you.
Tomorrow will give you one more chance.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chroniclers says:

    This is so beautiful! Am awestruck.


  2. Chroniclers says:

    Wow! So beautiful.


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