The message

I wander through the crowds,
Tip toeing ahead,
Sometimes on the shore.
I might lose sight of you –¬† but I am there, always – I promise.
Though you might forget me – I don’t lose track.
How can I?
I am but a part of you.

Your ideals might change,
Company, you will too.
Faces, places, fashion – yet I stay all along, all through.
Not forever – but not ready to leave you yet.

I am in your youthful eyes as you stand at crossroads.

I am as you navigate through life,
Shining through the waves of responsibilities.
Enduring you stay afloat,
Enjoying the sun and yet looking at the horizon – somewhere beyond.
Perhaps searching for words to describe the feeling I leave you with.

I am with you. Till you are fulfilled.
Not till you need me – that I will decide.

But till I know I have done my job.
And what is that after all?
To remind you of yourself and your dreams.

I am your dream.
I have hidden in the recesses of your heart till you became aware of this world.

I was hoping¬†that you will remember me –
and will give me space at the right time. But it’s alright.

I am patient and I trust.
I trust in the tide of time – and the Larger Hand.
I trust in the Hand of God that moulds the earth you walk on.

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