Sending Mrs Funnybones a bouquet of the reddest roses there ever were

I was once again inspired to continue writing my life’s theory series when I read a certain tweet by Mrs Funnybones. The tweet later was deleted. However the post remains 🙂
Mrs Funnybones, I certainly held you in a light of respect and as a reader of yours, I expect that as well. Your tweet didn’t seem to reflect that, so I send you the reddest bouquet there ever were…because incase you feel sorry for having rushed into sending out a tweet like that, I wouldn’t want you to hold on to the guilt for too long.
As a reader, I allow your words to come into my mind, and perhaps slowly help me paint a picture, an idea, a perspective. As a reader, I give you space in my mind and life. And that space is sacred. I won’t want it to be filled by someone whose words don’t ring right. And that tweet, dear Mrs Funnybones, doesn’t ring right.
I’m perfectly alright with you having an opinion about something. And all of us love humor in a big way. Yet there’s respect expected with that humor. And there’s a trueness in sharing that humor and perspective. Your thoughtless tweet, Mrs Funnybones – blame it on getting older or perhaps swayed by the general opinion that you see floating around – doesn’t ring true.
That’s why I send you a bouquet of the reddest roses ever!Because your reader thought you were a strong, independent woman with a mind of her own – who would form a judgement, share a story from her own personal experience. That tweet, my very dear Mrs Funnybones – doesn’t seem to reflect any of those.
That’s why I send you a bouquet of the reddest roses – so that you can remember that no matter what the crowd says, you need to be true to your reader and in doing so, to yourself.Mrs Funnybones – being true requires you to understand your subject fully – as your columns amply demonstrate. I’m sure you’ve heard about the ULFAs who have given up terrorism on the intervention of the humanitarian leader you so kindly mention? And perhaps you’ve visited one of the rural schools that have been set up in such remote locations – perhaps GPS wouldn’t work there. How about chatting with a lady whose home has been lighted through one of his rural development projects? Or perhaps closer to home, visited the school that has been set up in Dharavi?

You’ve surely watched his visits to Iraq, visiting red zones when even security personnel cautioned him against it? Perhaps seen pictures of the little children chatting with him as he distributed relief material in Erbil and taken up the cause of the Yezidis to people who haven’t even heard about the community? How about reading up on the mediation between FARC and the Colombian government, when a 50-year-old bloody conflict has taken years to resolve? I’m sure you were surprised and proud that an Indian spiritual leader played a role in calling a ceasefire in that territory?
You must know all about the water conservation and 17 rivers that his organization is rejuventating? Aren’t you proud that so much work is happening in your state-of-residence, where so many thousands are dying of thirst and water shortage? I was embarrassed too, just like you – when a media person asked him such an out-of-context question when he was there to draw attention to the plight of the affected people and talk about the work that all of us can do to help.
Mrs Funnybones, its alright to make a mistake – however it’s worthy of admitting to the same. Your words, dearest Mrs Funnybones, are as good as you are. The Funnybones that I saw was a quaint, funny lady doing something serious with her writing. Not someone who is simply saying things in the air. You are in the public space my little Mrs Funnybones and you, of all, know what it is like when words are just blown out of context and out of proportion.So to cheer yourself up, do look out for the reddest roses there ever were. And know that the roses are sent – not out of anger or irritation – but compassion. Truly. So that if ever you regret what you say or do – just remember we’re all human and people forgive you. Do take care of yourself, Mrs Funnyybones. You really can be very funny.
#sendingreddestroses(PS: If you’d like to chat more about the humanitarian work, writing or life, in general, do write back. Am happy to help you, Mrs Funnybones.)


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  1. Abhay says:

    you write well and remind me of PG woodhouse. light yet making point. however in this case, though i don’t know the tweet you are replying to, it might be falling on deaf years.
    what would you write to the article that appeared in DC few days ago then. people are blatant critics. one could only be appalled at their ignorance.


    1. Thanks Abhay. Appreciate your remarks on the piece. Apologies – but I’m not sure which article you’re referring to. Perhaps you could share the same.


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