Death by Selfie: Thou Art Ridicule Us

I was deeply saddened to read the news of young Amandeep who inadvertently shot himself while taking a selfie. Prayers for his family and his soul. I had written a piece last year on selfies, sharing the same. I hope, as we continue to capture beautiful memories, we also practice caution and awareness. Lots of love to all.   

The comparison is ridiculous to say the least. Comparing selfie deaths to deaths by shark attacks? Why would we want to compare the two?

But you have to admit – the comparison itself is ridiculous enough to almost sound funny – in a dark humour sort of way. In this year, so far, 12 people have been killed in selfie-related death while 8 have found their end through the jaws of death.

But really why did we become a selfie-obsessed world? Or more pertinently, how? We really have to have been so carried away in the moment –trying to take a selfie with the Taj Mahal, all the while neglecting to take caution of the steps or getting hit by a train while straining to get the perfect angle.

Its devastating sad that a simple act of wanting a really memorable picture has led to loss of lives.

And it could almost happen to anybody. I, too, have been guilty of really wanting to capture a moment and deciding to take one with a group of friends at an airport check-in counter, thrilled with an upcoming holiday.

Or just as I was embarking on a flight, much to my sister’s embarrassment.

And I was beaten only by a model-looking lady who kept trying to take a selfie, walking backwards on a runway, all the way perfecting the pout she insisted on capturing.

No, its not the selfie. Its what happens to us when we’re with the selfie.

It has to be perfect, it has to capture everybody in our frame…our double chins cannot be revealed. We’re so wrapped up in that moment, that all good sense ceases to exist and we literally derail.

Its not surprising that Russia has set an example: a nation-wide, commendable civil behavior initiative with its ‘safe selfies’ campaign. And the campaign had to specify dangerous selfie situations like guns, wild animals, electrical pylons to mention a few.

Disney World and some sports institutions have also actually banned the selfie stick in light of some dangers posed during joy rides and picture sessions.

How did we arrive at a crystal clear moment like this? When death by taking pictures is being compared to death by shark attacks? Almost sounds like a sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster plot.

If I was to capture the long lasting buzz echoing through the neurons of my brain – there is one: You never know when you’re making a memory. That quote had a huge impact on me. It opened up a new potential of a magic of every day.

The magic of every day is perhaps what each one of us is searching for. Through funny poses, laughter, a dare – something that fascinates us or inspires us to feel adventurous. It could be absolutely silly for someone but deeply thrilling for the other. It tough to judge – who is to decide who is right? Yet caution and awareness could help here. Caution that our excitement does ride over the safety of the situation; and awareness. That we don’t need a picture to validate the beauty of the moment. Click away as we may (and ought to!) – the moment is still beautiful even if the angle of the picture is not.

This is part of the series entitled: Life’s Theories…Because someone has to enlighten us
And yes, you’re extremely lucky to have read it.



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