The Gift

The  cup tilted just a bit – caught on time. Nervous hands smoothened the tray as he made a flourishing entry to the main restaurant area.

With a dramatic gesture and an exaggerated smile – he served the Moulin Rogue coffee – a first on the menu.

The expression changed immediately as he elegantly twirled around to check on the couple on the opposite table. The smile intact, albeit slightly smaller, and the eyes hardened with determination.

“And how is the Ratatouille?,” he asked with a charming manner, “Hope it pleases our beautiful mademoiselle!”

His eyes flickered carefully at its targets while his smooth tongue did the talking. He was always a charmer.

“Oh my, is that a smudge on your smooth silk,” he frowned, staring at an unfortunate speck, making a little spectacle of almost nothing. Enough to stir a bit of a drama. “Oh my,” squealed the lady, “Now, Now, it alright my dear,” comforted her beau. But the subtle web won.

“Let me show you to the powder room,” he offered. Perched like a little bird, she allowed herself to be led. And smilingly he kissed the gloved hand – politely and incredibly. Swiftly he made his way to the kitchen, smile intact – eyes relieved.

Gently he hung his coat and greeted the manager on the next shift. “Will see you tomorrow, Fernandes my old friend” – “Indeed, old chap.” He quickly beat a hasty retreat, caught a taxi and sped to his destination. Just in time to hear a deafening squeal.

“Where is it?” she cried and looked all around. The manager on duty gulped. How would he handle a raving movie actor’s wife ? While he was sweetly pacifying, a group of assistants nervously scourged the restaurant.

Fernandes reached home.“There, there little one – how are we today?” He tenderly smiled at his dying wife and gently slipped something on her.“You deserve the best” and kissed her on their 25th anniversary.

Tears rolled down her cheeks when she realised. “You remembered the promise you made all those years ago?” she asked…”They’re beautiful, how did you manage? My first ever!”

Her sunken eyes danced at the sight of the sparkling diamonds like his glittered in the shadow of its guilt.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abhay says:

    quite serious.
    why a tough ending, if i may ask!?
    It started with a graceful depiction. comes to be a bit shorter than expected.

    a small typo may be:- Let me sure you to the powder room
    *show !?
    or is it the old english. they like this varied use of words.


  2. The end just came as I was writing – didn’t plan it, so wanted to leave it at that. Thanks for pointing out the typo, indeed, it is one. 🙂 I’ll correct it. Thanks Abhay for reading my posts and do keep sharing your insights.


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